How the Emirates Shipping Association is Tackling Industry Challenges


Saturday, 27th April By Jennifer Patricio

The Emirates Shipping Association has announced the curation of four new committees to identify challenges and recognise new opportunities within the maritime industry.

The association is inviting fellow members to join in an effort to drive growth and transformation within the sector. Each committee will research, prepare, and engage with industry and government stakeholders to share insights and help shape future policies. This presents a fantastic opportunity for all members to contribute to the development of the sector. Participation ensures a meaningful way to advance the industry’s global competitiveness and drive sustainability in the future.

Explore the four new committees below to learn more

UAE on the Global Map (Registry as a Flag State)

This committee is dedicated to promoting the benefits of registering vessels under the UAE flag. Working alongside the UAE Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure, they will examine ways to implement the UAE as a Flag State and explore how to bring the UAE flag on par with international flags.

Tax Strategy 

This committee will work to explore and introduce tax strategies to enhance the attractiveness of the UAE registry. Working with the UAE Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure, they will also highlight challenges associated with the introduction of corporate tax for the shipping sector.


The Decarbonisation committee will explore initiatives and participate in industry discussions on issues regarding the decarbonisation of the shipping sector. They will also foster relationships with organisations, such as the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) to drive sustainable practices within the maritime industry.

Safety and Diversity of Seafarers

The Safety and Diversification committee is dedicated to implementing safety awareness and best practices across the sector. Collaborating with regulatory bodies, they will ensure adherence to international safety regulations and also explore opportunities for diversification within the industry and beyond.

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