Maritime Future Dialogues: Igniting Innovation and Sustainability


Thursday, 25th May By Jennifer Patricio

The Maritime Future Dialogues were hosted at the Four Seasons Resort Jumeirah on Thursday, 18th May, during UAE Maritime Week. The event brought together the maritime fraternity, including key industry stakeholders and professionals, for an opportunity to learn about the latest policy developments in the maritime sector, along with the innovations and efforts to decarbonise the industry.

In a panel discussion entitled “Reinforcing the UAE Maritime Industry as a World-Class Sector”, Secretary-General Anders Østergaard posed as moderator, bringing together leading figures from across the Maritime sector. The discussion revealed that the UAE was only months away from introducing sweeping reforms to current federal maritime laws, including ownership requirements and bareboating, as the UAE works to establish itself as a Flag State.

Following the panel discussion, the next session focused on the maritime industry’s role in achieving the decarbonisation goals in light of the COP28 UAE (the 28th session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change). The discussion explored the UAE’s net-zero ambitions by 2050 through carbon emissions and alternative fuel commitments, concluding with the labour force that would usher in the future of the maritime industry.

A highlight of the event was the signing of an MoU between ESA and the UAE Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure (MOEI) to further enhance the capabilities of the ‘Blue Pass’ initiative through collaboration and mutual support. 

Abdulkareem Almessabi, Chairman of Emirates Shipping Association, highlighted, “We are delighted to host the ‘Maritime Future Dialogues’ event as part of the UAE Maritime Week. It was a tremendous opportunity for industry leaders, stakeholders, and experts to come together and strengthen the UAE’s position as a global maritime powerhouse. Through productive discussions and collaborative efforts, we aim to foster innovation, drive sustainable growth, and establish valuable partnerships within the maritime sector.”

On the topic of the Blue Pass, he added, “By joining forces with the UAE Blue Pass, we are further demonstrating our commitment to enhancing the seamless maritime operations in the UAE. This collaboration will enable us to leverage advanced technologies and streamlined processes, ultimately benefiting our members and strengthening the overall maritime industry. We look forward to the opportunities and synergies that will emerge from this partnership.”

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