From Emirates To The World: International Maritime Reception


Friday, 29th December By Jennifer Patricio

On 9th December 2023, the Emirates Shipping Association hosted a special edition of its International Maritime Reception, under the patronage of the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure (MOEI) and in collaboration with the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS).

The event titled “From the Emirates to The World,” hosted a global audience to explore the UAE’s rich maritime heritage and industry. Additionally, delegates engaged in conversations addressing key global maritime topics and pave the way for progress, with a particular emphasis on sustainability and sustainable growth. 

Global Gathering for Maritime Progress

Set against the backdrop of COP28, the event welcomed prominent figures from the regional and global maritime industry and delegates from participating countries. It also marked the inaugural day of the International Chamber of Shipping’s “Shaping the Future of Shipping” programme, showcasing the Emirates Shipping Association’s commitment to fostering meaningful discussions and driving actionable initiatives.

The discussions held during the evening were particularly significant, addressing crucial topics such as the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) Net Zero GHG emissions target by 2050. 

Addresses from Emirates Shipping Association Chairman Capt. Abdulkareem Almessabi, Secretary-General Anders Østergaard, and General Manager Huma Quereshi celebrated the achievements of 2023 and outlined the vision and goals for the upcoming year. Looking at the future, International Chamber of Shipping Chairman Emanuele Grimaldi emphasised the importance of the UAE on the global stage and the significance of programmes such as these in continuing growth and success.

Networking continued during the event’s extension onto the terrace of the Address Fountain Views, offering a stunning view of the Burj Khalifa, complemented by cultural highlights such as calligraphy, Henna, and performances of traditional Emirati music and dancing.


The Maritime International Reception, held on Saturday, was a memorable evening under the patronage of MOEI and in collaboration with ICS. Our heartfelt appreciation extends to our sponsors, whose invaluable support ensured the resounding success of this event. ADNOC, Figurehead Sponsor, led the way, supported by Platinum Sponsors ENOC, Emarat Maritime, Monjasa, and HFW. Special thanks also go to Gold Sponsors: Tristar, Tomini Shipping, and Created by Black, as well as Networking Partner, Bureau Veritas.

The Emirates Shipping Association looks forward to building on the momentum generated this evening, continuing to shape the maritime industry with a unified voice in the years to come.

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