Emirates Shipping Association Participates in Shaping The Future of Shipping at COP28


Friday, 15th December By Jennifer Patricio

On 10th December 2023, Emirates Shipping Association showcased its commitment to sustainable maritime practices at the “Shaping the Future of Shipping: Delivering a Net Zero World” event, hosted at the Museum of the Future by the ICS, in collaboration with Emirates Shipping Association and under the patronage of the MOEI.

This pivotal gathering marked a significant step towards addressing the maritime industry’s environmental challenges. Notably, four of our board members played integral roles in driving the conversations, bringing their insights and expertise to the forefront.

Captain Abdulkareem Almessabi – Chairman of the Emirates Shipping Association

In his opening remarks, Captain Abdulkareem welcomed attendees on behalf of the Emirates Maritime Community. He emphasised the need to unify the maritime community in order to achieve the country’s carbon emission targets and drive change in the energy transition.

Captain Almessabi stated, “It is crucial for the maritime community to unite on world stages, to address the world’s biggest challenges, namely decarbonization. The Emirates Shipping Association is well positioned to host these conversations and enable partnerships, exchange best practices, and explore innovative solutions, to meet the IMO sustainability goals set and achieve net zero by 2050.”

Anders Østergaard – Secretary General of the Emirates Shipping Association

As the moderator of the panel discussion on “Short-term Steps to a Net-Zero Future,” Østergaard highlighted the International Maritime Organization’s 2023 Strategy on the reduction of GHG Emissions. He posed critical questions about achieving the net zero GHG emission targets and the steps needed for an equitable and sustainable transition.

Østergaard emphasised, “The UAE is creating a thriving, ambitious and collaborative shipping industry. We are prioritising dialogue with the public and private sectors to continue to develop the industry and deliver on our ambitions.”

Dr. Waddah Al Hashmi – Board Member of the Emirates Shipping Association

Dr. Waddah, a panellist on “People are the Fuel of the Future,” discussed the crucial role of seafarers in transitioning to net zero. He addressed the need for adequate training and education in handling new technologies and fuels. His insights highlighted the importance of workforce readiness and the strategic advantage that well-trained seafarers provide.

Captain Rishi Nyati – Treasurer of the Emirates Shipping Association

In the session on “Building Blocks to a Net-Zero World,” Captain Rishi discussed the critical initiatives and actions highlighted at the summit. He explored the industry’s needs, the required policy signals, government support, and strategies for scaling up efforts towards a sustainable and equitable future.

The participation of Emirates Shipping Association in these discussions reaffirms our commitment to driving global change. By being at the forefront of such events, we not only contribute to the global maritime dialogue but also ensure that we do our part in bringing sustainability to both the UAE maritime cluster and, in collaboration with the International Chamber of Shipping, the global maritime cluster. 

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