COP28 In Focus as Emirates Shipping Association Hosts ICS Delegation


Tuesday, 17th January By Jennifer Patricio

On 15 January, 2023, the Emirates Shipping Association had the pleasure of hosting the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) for a meeting to explore the topic of sustainability and launching a joint initiative.

The meeting was attended by prominent figures in the maritime industry, including former ICS Chairman Esben Poulsson, current ICS Chairman Emanuele Grimaldi, ICS Secretary General Guy Platten, ICS Head of Partnerships Nelson Mojarro, Emirates Shipping Association Chairman Abdulkareem Almesabi, and Emirates Shipping Association General Manager Huma Qureshi.

ICS is the global trade association for shipowners and operators, representing the world’s national shipowner associations and over 80% of the global merchant fleet. The ICS is concerned with maritime regulatory, operational, and legal issues.

The meeting served as an opportunity for the two organizations to align on the scope of work and activities part for COP 28. A planned initiative aims to maximise participation and foster links between the energy and marine sectors, as well as foster engagement with the broader community.

With COP 28 set to take place in the UAE, along with the UAE’s rapidly developing position in the maritime industry, it is more important than ever to bring together organizations like the Emirates Shipping Association and ICS to work towards a sustainable future for the maritime industry.

Sustainability is a key pillar of the association, and the upcoming initiative reflects the increasing influence of the UAE in shaping global climate policy. It is particularly relevant as the UAE is set to preside over the COP 28 climate conference.

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